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RAF Club Collection - 1

RAF Aircraft 1918 - 2018

A collection of four aluminium frames containing 220 paintings of aircraft operated by the Royal Air Force over the 100 years following its inception in 2018 is displayed at the RAF Club in London. All the paintings are in oil on canvas paper, varnished and mounted; each measuring approximately 5¼ x 3½ inches.

  • The aircraft in each frame are shown in approximate order of Entry into Service, reading in columns, top to bottom, left to right

  • Aircraft not included are gliders, experimental, one/offs (eg Huskey, Heron), and RNAS aircraft


  • Not all aircraft are painted in their original livery; however, those shown are authentic


  • Some aircraft represent their family variants. For example: Hart (for Audax, Demon etc), and Tiger Moth (Gipsy Moth, Fox Moth etc


  • Not all different Marks of aircraft type are shown


  • For completeness, the collection includes the Poseidon, due In Service 2020

RAF Minis Frame 1 1918-1937.jpg
RAF Minis Frame 2.jpg
RAF Minis Frame 3.jpg
RAF Minis Frame 4.jpg
RAF Minis 18-37.jpg
RAF Minis 37-42.jpg
RAF Minis 42-60.jpg
RAF Minis 61-18.jpg
RAF Minis Frame 3.jpg
RAF Minis Frame 4.jpg

RAF Club Collection

     There are two collections of miniatures hanging in the RAF Club, Piccadilly, London.

One depicts 220 aircraft that the RAF has operated over the 100 years between 1918 and 2018. It was painted to commemorate the RAF Centenary, and comprises four frames each                                                containing 55 mounted miniatures.


The other is a single frame containing 36 miniatures which depict historic RAF buildings                                            that still exist in one form our another.

An A4 Booklet is available which contains a description, prints of the Collection, and several A5 prints of my other original aviation paintings

RAF Minis Booklet Cover.jpg
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