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Mal was born in Lancaster, UK, in 1944.   He was educated at Lancaster Royal Grammar School and joined the Royal Air Force as a trainee pilot in 1962. In 1964 he converted to the Hunter, an association that was to last around fifteen years: No 8 Sqn in Aden: No 1 Sqn, West Raynham: No 234 Sqn, Chivenor: Strike Wing Bahrain: 4 FTS, Valley: No 12 Sqn, Honington: over 2000 Hunter flying hours. Thereafter he converted to the Buccaneer, staying with this band of brothers for some eight years.  Several staff tours followed, including attendance at the Royal Australian Air Force Staff College in Canberra - to where he would return some fourteen later.  


During his Service he was awarded a Queen's Commendation and the Air Force Cross. Leaving the RAF from the MoD in 1988 as a Wg Cdr, he spent the following 12 years with British Aerospace as its Eurofighter PR and Marketing Executive, the last four of which were spent in Canberra, Australia, leading the Eurofighter Typhoon sales campaign. In 2000, he very reluctantly bade farewell to Oz, retired from BAESystems, and retreated to the North of England, taking up his dormant passion for oil painting. Mal had previously painted just five works, and found that painting more or less every day kept him in touch with aviation, and away from the pub - well, until at least teatime. In 2015, his eldest daughter (he has another, and a son) introduced him to the world of miniatures.



                                                                            He can be found here:


                                                                    01772 611025    or    07779 178313

                                                                                         and here




The Artist

Mal Grosse was born not long ago in Lancaster,1944, and was educated at Lancaster Royal Grammar School. I was a member of 345 Sqn Air Training Corps, and joined the RAF in 1962. Between then and 1989, I flew Hunters, Buccaneers and the Tornado, and several training aircraft. Six years of my Service was spent overseas, including four in the Middle East and one in Australia. I was awarded the Air Force Cross and a Queen's Commendation, leaving as a Wing Commander. From 1989 to 2000, I worked in BAE Systems as a Eurofighter Marketing Executive, the last four years as President of the Typhoon Sales Campaign in Canberra, Australia. 

                From 2001 I have been oil painting, partly to keep me away from my local pub!

                           You'll find me at these places:

           Video - "Twelve Squadron Buccaneers" (find on You Tube)



                                        01772 611025

Please ask if you would like copies of any of my work or if you have a commission query

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